Pattern H from the Stylish Dress Book


I know I said I would blog this dress months ago, but things got a little busy around here over the summer.  Maybe it’s a good thing I waited so long because that gave me time to make a second dress. This is Pattern H from the Stylish Dress Book.

I thought I would have a little more fun photographing this dress.  I was getting tired of snapshots in my living room, so I went on location for a couple of the photos to an abandoned munitions plant.


And for the other photos, I tried to recreate the doe-eyed look of the book model, who likes to hold random objects.  This dress became both a photography and sewing lesson.  What a great way to combine my two favorite hobbies.


I used cotton poplin for both dresses.  The first one is made from a Vera Wang print I bought at Fabric Mart.  The second one is just ordinary poplin from Joanne’s Fabrics.


I like this pattern the best so far from this book. It is definitely the most comfortable of all the dresses I’ve made from this book and it kind of reminds of the house-dresses women used to wear back in the day. It’s a great dress to wear while running errands. And it even made an appearance at Disney World’s Animal Kingdom, making it the most comfortable day of our trip for me.

The instructions were a little confusing, especially with the language barrier.  I ended up not consulting the instructions and just constructed it myself, based on what I already know and what made the most sense to me.  I also thought the back was slightly odd-fitting, so I made a few adjustments to the bodice for a better fit.


I also made the sleeve pleated instead of gathered on the second dress and added an exposed zipper just to make it a little different.  I like how they both turned out, and I’ve gotten quite a few compliments on the polka-dot one.


I still recommend the swedish tracing paper for these projects – you can trace the pattern, add your seam allowance, and then sew it to check for fit before cutting your fabric.

And keep in mind that these patterns are all one length, so you may need to make an adjustment.  I am 5’4″, I made this dress the length of the pattern, and it hits just above my knee, just to give you an idea.

If you need a little help translating the pattern and instructions, check out this helpful series over at Label-Free.

And Google translator is always helpful with conversions and translations.


Stylish Dress Book – Pattern E

I finished up pattern E from the Stylish Dress Book. Pattern E is the dress pictured on the cover of the book. It was an easy pattern to sew up and it is very comfortable, but there are a few things I think I would change if I ever decide to sew this pattern again.


For starters, I don’t like how the sleeves fit.  Now I probably should have made a size larger than I did to accommodate for my wide shoulders. But even so, the sleeves are still cut a little funny. I’m thinking of removing the sleeves and just letting it be a sleeveless jumper, because when I tried it on without the sleeves to check the fit, it fit just fine.

I also don’t like how the neckline fits.  It comes up a little too high in the front, which makes it lay funny and it has a flattening effect on top.  I would recommend lowering the neckline about an inch or two if you decide to give this pattern a try.

stylish dress book pattern E

Overall, not a bad pattern to sew up.  I think with a few minor adjustments it could be a hit.

Stylish Dress Book – Pattern N

sundress, originally uploaded by abracapocus_pocuscadabra.

I made my first dress from the Stylish Dress Book. This is based off of Pattern N on page 60.

This was the first time I’ve sewn from Japanese Pattern Books. I really like how this turned out and have ordered some fabric to make another one. It is very comfy and is easy to put together.

I would recommend purchasing some Swedish Tracing Paper along with the book if you don’t already have some. It makes it easier to trace the pattern pieces, and you can sew the pieces together and make adjustments as needed before you work on your fabric.

If you need a little help translating the pattern and instructions, check out this helpful series over at Label-Free.

Sew Liberated: Schoolhouse Tunic

Schoolhouse Tunic
I just finished this tunic. I tried to get a good photo of the tunic without the dog in the way, but he insisted on being in the picture with me. The pattern is the Schoolhouse Tunic by Sew Liberated, and it was a dream to sew up! It only took about an hour to sew, all the pieces fit together with no adjustments, the finished piece is exactly the size the pattern envelope said it would be and the instructions were clearly written and easy to understand. I would definitely recommend this pattern, no matter what your skill level. The tunic fits beautifully and is very, very comfortable.

The tunic comes in 2 different lengths and you can sew the cuffs with elastic or without. I chose without. I made the long length. I think I will make another soon in the shorter length.