The Snatchel Project

In response to the U.S. government’s weird obsession and interference with women’s healthcare here lately, I’ve decided to join the Snatchel Project – a group of women (and men) who have decided to knit/crochet/craft their male legislators a “lady part”, because maybe “if they have their own, they can leave ours alone!”

Here is my contribution to the cause: red and purple uteri, lovingly knit for my male Senators and Representative. I mailed them out this afternoon.

I realize this is a gimmick and they will probably be thrown away, but sometimes gimmicks are needed to get the attention of those that need their attention grabbed – in this case, legislators who would like to take our country (and women’s rights) back to the Dark Ages. And anyway, it was fun and added a much needed sense of humor to this serious issue.

You can find out more about the Snatchel Project here.