Alien Bombs Are About To Drop On My Head

My 6 year-old informed me that she felt alien bombs were about to drop on her head last night. I tried to keep a straight face when she told me this, since I could see she wasn’t feeling well.

“What exactly does an alien bomb feel like when it drops on your head?” I asked her.

“They are orange. And they hover over your head for awhile before they drop. And when they drop it hurts. But not like a konk on the head…..more like a big warm blob oozing over your head.”

Turns out she had a headache and stuffy nose. I asked her this morning if the aliens were still dropping bombs on her head and she said, “No. They stopped, Mom.”

I wish I could borrow her imagination for a day. The world seems much more interesting from her point of view.


A Christmas Eve Dream

My 8 year-old son brought home a composition he wrote in his home-room class.  It is entitled “A Christmas Eve Dream”.  I won’t bore you with the entire essay, but the last line was very funny, especially because it is underlined.

“I dream of my sister not being annoying since it’s Christmas.”

I guess we will have to wait and see if his Christmas Eve Dream is fulfilled.

My Christmas Eve Dream is for Peace on Earth, food for everyone and health care for all.  Do you think I am asking too much?

And I wish you all a happy and healthy holiday season!

When I Grow Up….

Tonight, my 6 year-old daughter told me:

“When I grow up I want to be a grown-up. And I want to work in a comic book shop. And I want to write comics. And I want them to make a movie out of my comics. And I think I will marry Sam.”

I’m not entirely sure who this Sam character is. But I need to find this information out.