DIY: Bird Nest Necklace

I’ve been collecting a mess of crafting/DIY pins over at Pinterest and decided maybe I should actually try a few of the tutorials I have pinned. With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, I decided the bird nest necklace would be a good one to start with. Then maybe I would try something new and get a few gifts made.


They were easy and fun to make (and strangely addicting). Once I got going on them, I had a hard time stopping. I ended up with a whole mess of them. Not all of them looked nice though. The first few attempts were odd, misshapen and straggly looking. Once I got the technique down they moved along pretty quick.

Here are some of the better ones I made today.


I don’t know who I am going to give them to. My daughter has already claimed the one in the middle, and I’ll probably keep one for myself.

Handmade Holiday: Valentine’s Edition

My son made me a proud, crafting momma this weekend. He handed me his class list for the Valentine Party on Tuesday and said, “Mom, I think we should make our cards this year instead of buying them. They’re more special when we make them.” I couldn’t agree more.

 We got our inspiration from the Disney Family Fun site.

My daughter wanted to do flowers, of course.

My son chose a cell phone with lollipops for the antennae.

I think he had ulterior motives to his choice though. Almost the entire time we were working on them, he tried to persuade me that he needed one. He lost this round. In defeat, he and his sister made paper phones and iPods (he wants one of those too). Then they spent the rest of the afternoon playing pretend Angry Birds on their pretend BlackBerries, and loaded up their pretend iPods with pretend music.