Bump in the Road


My muscles feel fabulous. My mental game was spot on. I was feeling very strong. That’s when my cardiovascular system rebelled. It’s discouraging this late in the game, especially since this is my first half-marathon and my nerves are starting to kick in. I don’t like new things and the unexpected. I like everything planned and prepared ahead of time. But, I guess running is a lot like life in the fact that I must remain flexible and take things as they come. I missed my last long run and these last couple of weeks, my runs have been more of a run/walk. I haven’t written about it because I didn’t want to seem whiny. I also thought if I ignored it, maybe it would just go away. But if I’m going to have an honest account of this journey, I guess I should at least mention it.

A brief summary: at first my doctor thought maybe my Mitral Valve Prolapse was causing the symptoms. It used to when I ran track in high school, so we thought it was worth looking into. She ordered a stress test. It showed nothing out the ordinary for me. The cardiologist seemed to think I would be able to complete the training and race with no issues, so I kept running. My breathing got worse, so I went back. There seems to be no infection, so she thought it might be asthma related and referred my to an allergy/asthma specialist. He’s given me a new inhaler plus a few other medications to help me out. He saw no reason to take a break from running, which was good to hear. My breathing and lung function has improved, but it’s not where it needs to be. I’ve gone from 10 min. miles to almost 12 min. miles. The medication is also messing with my sleep cycle and digestion, which in turn messes with my head.

And to top it all off, while my ankle feels great (the rehab and taping worked and I am now running without pain or tape on my ankle), my bunions have been killing me. I haven’t been able to walk after my last few runs. I’m trying tape on my feet. The tape is supposed to correct the alignment of my toes, but I think my poor feet are too deformed for the tape to correct anything. It seems to alleviate some of the pressure, but they still hurt like the dickens. I’ve invested in a nice pair of those squishy Nike slides to slip into after the race and my long runs. Those, along with my hot pink compression socks, are becoming my new best friends.


I’m still planning on running the Sunburst. I’ve done most of the training and I don’t plan on giving up now. I’m just reorganizing my priorities. I’m going to be a lot slower than I originally planned. I might have to walk parts of it. I might be last, but someone has to be. My main goal has always been just to finish, and that is still the goal.

I did get a 14 mile bike ride in the other day. And yesterday I ran a slow 6 miles with only 1 walk break, which was encouraging. I’m going to try one more long run tomorrow and see how I do. Then I start my taper. I’ve pretty much done all I can think of at this point.


6 thoughts on “Bump in the Road

  1. That sounds discouraging. I was thinking of you during my morning run today. I look up to what you’ve achieved already.

      • That’s true. There are many races, but you only have two feet.

        It sounds like amazing thing are possible with prosthetics, but I’m sure you’d prefer to continue with the original biological appendages 😉

      • Keeping the original ones would be good. My feet just need to toughen up – lol. Corrective surgery is always an option too. Or I can just stick with shorter race distances for awhile.

  2. I have foot issues too. (Arthritis in the balls of my feet) So, I feel your frustration. You are doing an amazing job of rolling with the punches, though! Your game plan sounds spot on. Just run (run/walk) your race! I am proud of you for sticking to it!

    • Thank you! My husband’s favorite saying is, “It is what it is.” That’s what I keep repeating when I get discouraged and keep moving forward. The training has been such a good challenge for me – one I really needed right now – so I really want to see it through to the end, whatever that may be.

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