April Showers Bring May Flowers (or Something Like That)

pink tulip

I finally felt inspired to get my garden going. Last year, lulled into a false sense of security by unseasonably warm temperatures, I jumped the gun and planted both my seed pots and my garden way too early. I ended up nursing most of my sickly little plants back to good health, but not without some creative thinking and a lot of extra time and effort. This year, with an unseasonably chilly April, I just never found the motivation to get anything going. My seed pots are just now starting to sprout and I haven’t even tilled the main garden. However, I did finally make it down to the corner garden stand to buy some annuals to plant in my pots. That, and a little sunshine and warm temperatures, were all I needed to find the motivation to get the rest of my garden in order. I made a second trip to the corner to buy some perennials to replace some plants that succumbed to the drought last year, and I’ve been happily digging in the dirt ever since.

flowers and herbs

At the corner garden stand, I also saw a couple of heirloom tomatoes that I couldn’t resist. I picked up a Hillibilly. I’ve never grown this variety before, but I couldn’t resist the name – and the description makes it sound like it will be a tasty tomato.

hillbilly heirloom tomato

I also picked up a couple of Lemon Boys. Those are my favorite for tomato sandwiches, or just for eating plain. They have a mild, tangy-sweet taste that I love. I didn’t grow them last year. Instead, I decided to try Purple Calabash. The Purple Calabash were no Lemon Boys. I’ve decided to go back to a tried-and-true favorite this year. I also saved some seeds from my Green Zebras last year. Hopefully, my little seed saving experiment worked, and I’ll have a couple of those in the garden as well.

I spent this week breaking up the soil in the smaller beds around the perimeter of our yard with The Claw. Then I planted a few herbs and flowers, filled some pots with pansies and petunias, and planned where everything will go in the garden this year. We’ll finally get around to tilling the main garden with the heavy equipment this weekend. That is Dear Husband’s job.

I also relocated some poorly placed peonies to a better location. I know now is not the best time to move peonies, but they are growing randomly in the backyard and my husband will just mow them over again anyway. Then I forget about them until they pop up the next spring. It’s a merry-go-round I’ve been riding since we moved to this house. I figured they had a better chance if I relocated them now, rather than let my husband continue to mow them down so I’ll forget where they were growing, etc…


I counted my gardening as cross-training this week. It was much more enjoyable than situps with a medicine ball, swinging kettle-bells, and skipping rope. Twisting and turning The Claw in the ground was a great upper-body and core work-out. And the change of routine definitely woke my muscles up. I wish all exercise could be this much fun.

This week, I also got to run with my 10 year-old. She asked if she could run the Spud Run 5k with my son and I this year, so we started practicing. We did a short 1.5 mile run/walk on the high school cross-country trails over the weekend. I’m so excited that she’s taken an interest in running.  My son and I ran the Spud Run as our first 5K, so it’s fun that it will also be hers.


I also successfully completed my second double-digit long run. It was a lot harder this time. My leg cramped up about half-way through and I’ve been having a hard time breathing as I’ve had allergies and asthma to contend with this week. Allergy season slows me down and forces me to take frequent walk-breaks so I can catch my breath. I’m already barely above a jog normally, so it’s hard for me to take the slow-down. To keep from getting too discouraged, I keep reminding myself it’s only temporary. I’m pretty sure once the trees are done pollinating my pace will pick back up again.  On the other hand, I did recover a lot quicker after this second run, so I see that as progress. I’ll focus on the positive.

Do you garden? What do you like to grow in yours? Do you have a favorite heirloom tomato I should know about?


Half-marathon Training Week 11

  • Sunday: Rest
  • Monday: 4 miles + yoga
  • Tuesday: Gardening cross-training 🙂
  • Wednesday: 6 miles with hills + yoga
  • Thursday: Gardening cross-training
  • Friday: 11 easy miles
  • Saturday: 1.5 easy miles

2 thoughts on “April Showers Bring May Flowers (or Something Like That)

    • That used to be my limit too until I got a wild hair in January and signed up for a half marathon. I like the double digits, they have a different meditative quality to them. I’m looking forward to returning to shorter runs though (at least temporarily) after this process is over.

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