Half Marathon Training Week Three: Where I Find Myself Running Through a Lot of Cemeteries


I realized this week that I run through a lot of cemeteries – really old cemeteries too. I don’t mean to, they are just on the way of my favorite routes. Even my favorite trail goes right past a historic cemetery in the middle of the woods. I do make a point to run through the one though. It’s at the end of my neighborhood route, and it gets me off the road and away from traffic.

This week was much better than last week. It got off to a slow start, and I had to do some rearranging, thanks to a winter storm, but it ended with me finding my groove again and I finally learned to embrace my inner tortoise. Pace is the one thing I have been struggling with. I always start off too fast and then run out of steam half-way into my run. But by the end of this week, I settled into a pace; and the last two runs actually felt easy – just like my training calendar said they would be.

Today I squeezed in a quick run to make up for a missed one earlier in the week. It ended in my favorite neighborhood cemetery. It was cold, but sunny and snowing all at the same time. The weather looks great this coming week, so hopefully I can get into a routine now. But I’m sure as soon as I do, winter will return.


Week Three:

  • Sunday: Rest (I did walk Chuck though)
  • Monday: 3 miles easy
  • Tuesday: Yoga
  • Wednesday: circuit training with jump rope, kettle bells, and stability ball
  • Thursday: 4 miles easy
  • Friday: 5 miles race pace
  • Saturday: Rest

2 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training Week Three: Where I Find Myself Running Through a Lot of Cemeteries

    • Thanks! It doesn’t help that my fast is most people’s easy pace. I get a little self-conscious about that. I’m getting better though about not comparing myself to others and going at my own pace.

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