A New Year, A New Title…

…and a new look.

Now that I have been managing to keep this blog going, and it is starting to develop some focus, I thought it needed a new name to reflect that. The name came to me last night when I was knitting and considering starting another running blog to keep track of my running goals and training. I thought it might be a good way to keep me motivated so I won’t talk myself out of any of them. However, I’ve learned from past experiences that I’m not good at maintaining multiple blogs, so I decided to just keep everything here. Reading, running, and knitting are all related in the fact that they all help me maintain my sanity, so it seems logical to me to keep the posts here together. And I’ll still post photos, gardening, and recipes because those are related to running in an indirect way – I snap photos when I run, and I need to eat.

Hope you’ll all stick around for the new year’s adventures. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas.

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