On the Needles

I have two projects on my knitting needles right now.

I started the Liesl Tank by Cocoknits a little over a month ago. I’m not using the recommended yarn for the pattern. Instead, I had a bunch of Knitpicks Cotlin yarn leftover from a Christmas project last winter. It knit to the same gauge, and I noticed there was one on Ravelry with this yarn, so I thought I’d use up my leftovers in this pattern. I didn’t have enough to knit the top in a solid color, so I did stripes. These aren’t normally colors I would wear, but I held the top up to myself in the mirror and I don’t hate it. I think it will look good with denim. We’ll see when I get it finished. I just have the front left. It’s been a nice take-a-long project, as most of the pattern is mindless knitting. It has helped pass the time at many soccer and little league practices this spring.

The other project I have going is the Estee Necklace.

A friend of mine bought me some very pretty, silver yarn by Sublime for my last birthday. When I saw this necklace pattern, I thought it would be perfect for the yarn. My yarn doesn’t have any beads or sequins, but it has a nice metallic shimmer, so it still looks pretty enough for a necklace. I don’t think I’m going to make the matching earrings, as they aren’t really my style, but I should have enough yarn left over to make a matching bracelet or cuff. I’ve enjoyed knitting this pattern. It’s the perfect amount of challenge to keep my mind busy without getting frustrated.

I’m almost finished with both projects. I’m hoping to get the tank done this week at least. I just bought a bunch of yarn for a yarn bombing project I’m participating in this summer and I am anxious to get started on that. I really should finish at least one of these before I get started though.


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