Gardening Update

We put the gutter garden up a couple of weekends ago and the salad greens have sprouted. I decided to try just one gutter this year. If it works, I’ll put a couple more in next year.


There is a bunny family that sets up house under the shed every year.  They like to raid my salad greens. I wasn’t even going to bother growing any this year, but when I saw the gutters they seemed like a good solution. I’m suspecting my garden is the reason they’ve decided to take up residence under the shed. I’ve tried everything to discourage them from marigolds to human hair. Nothing works.

Not even my dog keeps the bunnies out of the yard. He caught one last year, sniffed it, and let it run free. Now they play and chase each other around the back yard. Not that I wanted the dog to murder bunnies, but I was hoping he’d at least scare them away; not make friends with them.

Stop and Smell the Flowers

And we already have bunches of strawberries. I wasn’t expecting any this early, but I guess all the warm weather we’ve been having set the process in motion early this year. These are green, but I have ripe ones out there too. (Well not anymore because I ate them.)


Unfortunately, the little seedlings I planted in those fabulous, origami pots aren’t doing so well. They got a little leggy and when I started the hardening process, I got distracted and left them in the sun too long one day. They are all sunburned and sad looking now. I lost a few, but I think some of these may bounce back. They are growing new leaves, and the new leaves look healthy, so I hoping that I didn’t kill them all.


Today I’m putting in the peas, beans, fennel and radishes. Hopefully this weekend, or early next week, I can get all these seedlings into the ground. I think they might be happier in the ground.


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