Knit Shrug

This past October I visited a local Alpaca farm with a friend who was visiting for a weekend. I ended up buying 2 hanks of absolutely gorgeous baby alpaca yarn that the farm owner had spun herself. It really is a treat to knit with. It is so soft and light and luxurious. I searched for awhile for the perfect pattern for this yarn, when I finally found the Illyria Bolero on Ravelry. I liked the lacy pattern, it seemed like it would be something I could realistically knit with my skill set, and it seemed like a pattern that would showcase the yarn.

The pattern was fun to knit and easy to follow. The fabric that resulted was beautiful. But I’m not so sure I like how it looks on me. I knit a medium. The sleeves fit fine, and the length is good since I wanted shorter sleeves for summer, but this yarn won’t grow enough in width to look like the picture on the pattern. And I’m not so sure how it will wear under the arms.

My husband asked, “What the heck is the point of wearing that?” I told him it has no point other than to look pretty. I didn’t want to admit that he was right and that I really thought it looked a little wonky. I’ve since blocked it twice more hoping I could get it to grow a bit to no avail.

I don’t think I like it as a shrug. I do like the fabric though, and since I only used 1 of the hanks of yarn, I’ve decided to turn it into a scarf. I’ve undone the seams and cast-off edge and unraveled the final few rows of garter stitch. I will continue knitting in the lace pattern until I have a beautiful, lace scarf.


2 thoughts on “Knit Shrug

  1. What a beautiful pattern! How nice you were able to unpick the seams and continue on for a scarf without having to rip the whole thing – I bet it will be luxurious when you’re all done.

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