Thinking of Gardens

It’s been a pretty mild winter here so far, which is making me more impatient than usual for gardening season to start. I’ve begun the planning stages for this year’s garden. I want to grow more things this year, but we have a small city lot, so I’ve been looking for ideas on how to grow upwards and creatively use the space we have without sacrificing our entire backyard. It’s also important that it looks nice since we spend a lot of time out there and entertain on occasion. I’ve been pinning my favorite ideas to my pinterest board. Here are a few that will most likely see their way into my backyard.

I wish I had seen these pyramid planters when I put our strawberries in last spring! It would have saved them from sprawling all over our rock garden. And I could have grown more. This year I might add some more plants in one of these and if works out, I can remove the old, sprawling plants.


And I think I might try a gutter garden on the side of our garage for salad greens.


Because of our lack of space, and my love of squash and melons, I usually trellis my vining fruits and veggies. I sometimes have trouble with the trellis not being sturdy enough though. This seems like a great, and inexpensive, solution that would be easy to make.


I like this tomato trellis too. It looks nicer than the metal cages I normally use. And it is something I can make myself. I’m thinking it might be a little sturdier too, which is always good.


And these re-purposed wood frames would be a great spot for potted herbs and flowers to add some color at eye level.

Source: via Andrea on Pinterest


I just put in a seed order. I found a purveyor of local seeds and I’m excited to get them. Although I’ve probably ordered too many and will end up handing some out the neighbors. I do it every year. My eyes and ambitions end up being bigger than my actual garden. I’m hoping some of these ideas will help with that this year though.

Are you planning your garden yet? What are you planning to put in yours? Do you have any ideas for gardening in small spaces?


5 thoughts on “Thinking of Gardens

  1. Oh my goodness, your post has made even more excited about this year’s gardening than I was before. The pyramid planters are Brilliant, and the wood frames provide such a lovely backdrop. I personally have a community garden plot and am thinking about trying to install a gutter system this year (after reinforcing one of the chain-link fences). Have you heard of this book – “Fresh Food from Small Spaces: The Square-Inch Gardener’s Guide to Year-Round Growing, Fermenting, and Sprouting”? It is a treasure trove of ideas and inspiration for those of us with limited room to work with. You should definitely check it out! is full of excellent information, too, all in the same line of what you’re thinking about. Have fun!

  2. i love the gutter system!! what a genius idea. in texas though, where 100 degrees is normal for a few months a year. i’m thinking it would dry out too fast. great ideas though. so cool!

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