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I’ve been meaning since the last post to start this blog going again, but I always have trouble with beginnings. I never know exactly where to start. Especially now, because I’m starting in the middle – or restarting, so-to-speak.

Then yesterday morning, I received a box full of new books to read. I get a new box every new year, courtesy of the gift card to Barnes & Noble that my Mother-in-Law sends me for Christmas every year.  I figured books would be a good place to start.  Although, I’m unsure of which book in this stack to start with.  I’m leaning towards The Whites of Their Eyes: The Tea Party’s Revolution and the Battle over American History (The Public Square). With all the historical fundamentalism and revisionism that has been happening lately, I think that might be an interesting and timely read.

But before I can start a new book, I must first finish Anna Karenina by Tolstoy. My husband got me a Kindle for my birthday last October and I have been taking advantage of all the free classics that come with it. Somehow, I’ve managed to avoid reading most of them. I loaded up on science and math classes during my school days, so I guess I never needed to read them. Now that I’ve reached a sort of mid-point in my life, I feel as if I’ve missed out. Now is my chance to catch up. I’m enjoying Anna Karenina so far (according to my Kindle, I’ve finished 75% of the book), but it does get a bit long. I find the relationships fascinating and engaging, but sometimes it gets a bit wordy and mundane. I get impatient for the story to move along. I’m even more impatient now that I have a whole stack of new books waiting for me.

Speaking of Kindles….of course I had to make mine a custom sleeve.  I wrote up a tutorial on how I made it.  I will post it soon, hopefully next week.


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