Garden Update in Photos

At the start of the growing season, I couldn’t get anything to grow.  Now I can’t get it to stop.  We went on vacation a couple of weeks ago, and when we came home my garden had turned into a jungle.  My cherry tomato plant had grown to over 6 feet tall, maybe not an impressive height to some readers in the warmer climates, but up here tomatoes aren’t known to get so large.  My other 4 tomatoes that are inside the garden, which includes 2 Roma plants and 2 Lemon Boys,  are almost as tall.

I had to sacrifice the beans for the good of the garden.  They were so unruly they threatened to take over their half of the garden, which they were sharing with the peppers, and had begun to grow in the neighbor’s yard.  I’ve replanted a different variety of beans and hopefully it’s not too late to see some results.  In the mean time, I can take advantage of the local farmers’ beans.

Is anyone else noticing some odd growing patterns this season?


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