Cheese, Glorious Cheese

I think I may have created a culinary monster in my 9 year-old.

Parmesan CheeseI made stuffed shells the other night for dinner.  I asked the kids if they wanted cheese on top.  “Yes, please,” was their reply, so I sprinkled some Parmesan cheese on top.  My son, who didn’t see the source of the cheese because it was not his turn to set the table, took 2 bites of his dinner, put his fork down on the plate, and asked, “Mom, you didn’t buy the cheap cheese did you?  This doesn’t taste like the cheese from Italy.”

I wouldn’t consider the cheese in question expensive.  But I also wouldn’t consider the cheese in question cheap.  While it was pre-shredded, at least it was not in a can with a shaker top.  The Italian deli wasn’t open, so I couldn’t get the real stuff.  I didn’t think the kids would notice.  Apparently, he did, and the middle-of-the-road cheese was deemed inferior according to my 9 year-old’s discerning palate.  He pushed his plate aside and asked for a replacement without cheese on top.   My daughter, who is a little less discriminating, happily ate all of hers and finished her brother’s inferior dish.

Goodness sakes, what have I done?

2 thoughts on “Cheese, Glorious Cheese

  1. Hahaha this story is great! Your son sounds pretty awesome.

    You’ve created a monster… you never know he might end up being a chef!

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