Stylish Dress Book – Pattern E

I finished up pattern E from the Stylish Dress Book. Pattern E is the dress pictured on the cover of the book. It was an easy pattern to sew up and it is very comfortable, but there are a few things I think I would change if I ever decide to sew this pattern again.


For starters, I don’t like how the sleeves fit.  Now I probably should have made a size larger than I did to accommodate for my wide shoulders. But even so, the sleeves are still cut a little funny. I’m thinking of removing the sleeves and just letting it be a sleeveless jumper, because when I tried it on without the sleeves to check the fit, it fit just fine.

I also don’t like how the neckline fits.  It comes up a little too high in the front, which makes it lay funny and it has a flattening effect on top.  I would recommend lowering the neckline about an inch or two if you decide to give this pattern a try.

stylish dress book pattern E

Overall, not a bad pattern to sew up.  I think with a few minor adjustments it could be a hit.


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