Sew Liberated: Schoolhouse Tunic

Schoolhouse Tunic
I just finished this tunic. I tried to get a good photo of the tunic without the dog in the way, but he insisted on being in the picture with me. The pattern is the Schoolhouse Tunic by Sew Liberated, and it was a dream to sew up! It only took about an hour to sew, all the pieces fit together with no adjustments, the finished piece is exactly the size the pattern envelope said it would be and the instructions were clearly written and easy to understand. I would definitely recommend this pattern, no matter what your skill level. The tunic fits beautifully and is very, very comfortable.

The tunic comes in 2 different lengths and you can sew the cuffs with elastic or without. I chose without. I made the long length. I think I will make another soon in the shorter length.

Alien Bombs Are About To Drop On My Head

My 6 year-old informed me that she felt alien bombs were about to drop on her head last night. I tried to keep a straight face when she told me this, since I could see she wasn’t feeling well.

“What exactly does an alien bomb feel like when it drops on your head?” I asked her.

“They are orange. And they hover over your head for awhile before they drop. And when they drop it hurts. But not like a konk on the head…..more like a big warm blob oozing over your head.”

Turns out she had a headache and stuffy nose. I asked her this morning if the aliens were still dropping bombs on her head and she said, “No. They stopped, Mom.”

I wish I could borrow her imagination for a day. The world seems much more interesting from her point of view.