My Reading List

Stack of Books

Here is the stack of books in my “waiting to be read soon” pile.  One of my favorite parts of the new year is diving into the stack of new books I get at the end of every year.  They make the cold, winter months go a little bit faster.

A few – 1491, 365 Tao and Buddhism Plain and Simple – are left over from last year, but either need to be finished or, in the case of 365 Tao, are used daily on an on-going basis.

I’m almost finished with In Praise of Slowness. Now the question becomes, which book to read next…..


2 thoughts on “My Reading List

  1. I read “Buddhism Plain and Simple” a few years ago and found it very insightful, as I was just starting to become more interested in the subject. Also, “Water for Elephants” was a fantastic story with great characters and narrative…a really quick read.
    I haven’t read, but have been meaning to read, “Holidays on Ice” and the Kingsolver books too. Have you read, “Half the Sky” or “The End of Poverty”? Both are on my shelf waiting to be read too. I’m currently reading “The Buddha in your Mirror”, because I’ve begun practicing Nichiren Buddism and it’s sort of a “primer”, if you will.
    Great list!!

  2. I just got another book in the mail today that I forgot I ordered – an out of print book called “Endless Enemies”. So I have another book to add to the stack.

    I haven’t heard of “Half the Sky”, but I have “the End of Poverty” on my wish list still. There is also a movie called “The End of Poverty?” If I remember correctly, it is somewhat critical of the book. I want to read the book and see the movie to compare the ideas.

    You should read the “Poisonwood Bible” by Barbara Kingsolver if you haven’t already. It is one of my favorite books. Maybe I’ll read “Water for Elephants” next. I’ve been reading some heavy books lately, I could use a good novel.

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