Make a Basket From Newspaper

I recently came across this tutorial on How to Make a Basket from Newspaper and thought it was something I needed to try.   I don’t subscribe to any newspapers, so I made my husband snag the Sunday papers from the break room where he works.   The cleaning crew would have just thrown them in the garbage anyway.  At least now they are useful again.

It took me a few tries to get the technique down.  By the third basket, I had it figured out.  This is a great project to do at the end of the day in front of the T.V.   I have two in my front room keeping the magazines neat and tidy under the end table.  And a third one, I used as a gift basket.  I made it a little smaller in size, lined it with fabric and filled it with goodies.

Newspaper Basket


2 thoughts on “Make a Basket From Newspaper

  1. That is so fun! Would make great gift container (versus purchased gift bags or wrapping) too. Would be fun to make with colorful comic pages. I know there’s a way to weave baskets from magazines also, but I haven’t tried it yet.

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