Indygo Junction Aprons

Before the holidays, I ordered several apron patterns from Indygo Junction.  I used the patterns to make Christmas gifts and of course, I had to make a few for myself.

First I made the Bon Appetit pattern.  It was very easy to use and resulted in a very flattering apron.  My only complaint is that the ruffle was too long and had to be cut after sewing it to the apron.  It was a little confusing to understand the instructions. and I’m not sure the reasoning behind the excess in the pattern, but I just made the ruffle a few inches shorter after the first apron. Several of these went out as gifts and were very well recieved.

Bon Appetit Apron

Bon Appetit Apron made with Cherry Fabric by Robert Kaufmann and Just Dreamy by My Mind's Eye Fabric by Riley Blake

Orange Bon Appetit Apron

Bon Appetit Apron made with Orange fabric by Kaufmann I believe and denim.

I also made the Afternoon Tea apron, and this one went together very easily.  My only suggestion is to try on the apron and adjust the placement of the back as needed before you sew it all together.  I had to take off several inches so it fit properly. I didn’t use this one for gifts since they needed to be fitted and I wasn’t sure of everyone’s size. But, I made one for myself and this is one of my favorite aprons.

Afternoon Tea Apron

Afternoon Tea Apron made with Cherry Fabric by Robert Kaufmann and Just Dreamy by My Mind's Eye Fabric by Riley Blake

Finally, I made my grandmother the Mock Smock.  She loves smocks.  In fact, I’ve rarely seen her without one on, so I thought she would like a nice one made with designer fabric.  The Mock Smock pattern was a little different then the ones she normally wears with the square shape to everything, but I liked the variation as it was pictured. However, I am not a fan of the Mock Smock pattern.  I found the squareness of the arms and neckline very hard to work with.   And the instructions provided were not much help.

My first smock was a disaster. First I tried using the cut pattern pieces for the neck and armholes, but I couldn’t get the corners sharp and pretty. Then I took that off and tried rounding all the corners and using bias trim, but that didn’t turn out too well either. And for some reason, the neckline didn’t match up.

Mock Smock

Mock Smock Disaster

So, I went back and made a few adjustments to the pattern.  I rounded the sleeves and neckline. 

Mock Smock Neckline

I also rounded the pockets and added a pleat to them.  And I finished the pockets, arm holes and neckline with coordinating bias trim. 

Mock Smock Pockets

I think this one turned out much better!  And Gram loves her new smock.  But she says it will be her special occasion smock, as it is much too pretty to wear everyday.

Mock Smock

Mock Smock made with Birds of Paradise fabric by Free Spirit.


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